Accessories Make the Costume!

by Stefanie on October 20, 2008

SPRINGVILLE — The secret to being a really gross-looking executioner or just an average guy in a costume lies in the accessories, according to those who work in the costume industry.

“Anyone can buy a costume. What makes it special is what else you can do to it,” said Stefanie Grassley, a Partyland store manager in Springville.

Makeup, hair, hats, gloves, boots and capes are just the starter accessories.

A good ninja needs a good blade.

A soldier needs a plastic machine gun.

Cheerleaders need pompoms and tennis shoes.

Fairies need wings and wands and fairy dust.

Ghouls and goblins need the creepy touches like open wounds, dripping blood, bones, bugs and spiders.

“You can’t be a ninja without a sword. You look like you’re in your pajamas,” Grassley said.

Natalie White, the manager for the Orem Partyland store, said every year the Halloween season gets busier and every year the costumes get more elaborate. The choices expand.

This year at Partyland, that included dressing up as an air freshener, a bag of Sugar Babies, a whoopee cushion, a hot dog and an outhouse.

“We help all kinds,” White said. “Some come in and try on tons and never buy any of them. Others come in and buy the basic costume and then we help with the rest. We try to do one-on-one assistance.”

“You just use your imagination to bring out the costume’s full potential,” said Erin McBride, a store employee.

Some of the children outfitted at the store were dubious about the extra makeup and add-ons.

“I kind of liked being Uncle Sam last year,” said Jacob Buhler, a buccaneer dabbing at the spiders on his white painted face. “I don’t like spiders.”

“I like it all. It’s perfect,” said Jackson Averett, dolled up as an executioner, “but I don’t know if my mom will buy me the ($20) sword.”

Grassley said customers are welcome to come in and browse for ideas.

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