The Early Bird Gets the Costume

by Stefanie on September 26, 2008

It’s never too early to start thinking about your Halloween Costume! In fact, the closer we get to Halloween, the harder it will be to find that perfect costume. Shopping early will give you the best selection of 2008’s new and most popular costumes.

Now for the hard part: making the decision, and sticking with it. Children are notorious for changing their minds. They could be talking nonstop about dressing up as WALL-E for months, then quickly switch their focus when they see the bulging muscles in the Dark Knight Batman costume!

To avoid this, some parents decide to wait until the week of Halloween to buy their child a costume. But doing so almost always ends with a disappointed little guy and crushed superhero dreams dressed as last year’s pumpkin. By late October most Halloween costumes will be sold out, especially the new, popular costumes for 2008.

This year try shopping for Halloween costumes early. Bring your children to PartyLand before the Halloween rush! Beat the crowd and get the costume you or your kids really want, not just what’s left over.

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