What’s Your Family’s Halloween Theme?

by Stefanie on October 20, 2008

In Utah Halloween is becoming more and more “Themed.” Your neighbor has turned his yard into a much too convincing cemetery, your friend’s party is completely centered around a Superhero theme-from the invitations right down to the required attire of a cape and tights, but gaining popularity more than ever this year is group themed costumes!

This Halloween Utahns are showing their family togetherness with themed Halloween costumes! Entire families are dressing up as Star Wars characters, complete with a daddy Darth Vader, mommy Princess Leia, a couple of Jedis or Storm Troopers, a pre-teen Padme and even a baby Yoda!

Dressing up together makes a fun Halloween experience for everyone, and the family pictures will be to die for! At PartyLand we have hundreds of Halloween costumes for all ages and sizes! How about an Egyptian Family? Witches and Warlocks? Hippies? Vampires? Sports Heroes and Cheerleaders? Cops & Prisoners? Superheroes? The Wizard of Oz? Bananas and Monkeys? The costume possibilities are always endless and entertaining at PartyLand!

Take your family shopping together for Halloween costumes. Everyone will have fun looking at the cool, crazy, scary and hilarious dress up options! Wander around the store together and get ideas! Maybe someone will be inspired by a long blonde wig or a sword will spark someone’s interest and they’ll realize they were meant to be a Knight in Shining Armor, and the rest of the family should be Queens, Kings, Princesses or Jokers this Halloween!

Going to a Halloween party as a family is a great way to spend time together this holiday. Or, if no one you know is throwing a party, it’s the perfect opportunity for you and your family to host your own! Everyone can help with the guest list, game ideas and menu. And you and your children and all of your friends will have a safe and fun place to celebrate Halloween!


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