Heaven & Hell Party Ideas

by Stefanie on April 2, 2009

Our reader Norma is throwing a fundraiser with a Heaven & Hell theme and asked us for some great ideas.
Well, oh my heavens and great balls of fire we came up with tons more than just some!

heaven and hell dinnerware

What I love about this theme is the ability to play with contrast: Angels vs. Devils, White vs. Red, Cool vs. Hot, Soft vs. Hard, Sugary vs. Spicy, Sweet vs. Sinister, etc.

Try splitting your location into two different rooms or areas of the room – one Heaven and one Hell. If the party is in your home make your living room a light, peaceful Heaven and your kitchen a dark, dynamic Hell.

When guests enter this room you want them to feel like they’ve died and gone to heaven!

white decoro    Use white balloons clustered together in clouds with silver foil stars.
o    Put white sheets over the furniture and cushions.
o    Give the room a vibrant glow by using white candles.
o    Make the table angelic with a white table cover and mounds of fluffy white pillow stuffing!
o    Drape white tulle around the room with white lights behind the tulle for a twinkling effect.
o    Fill white, silver and clear balloons with air and throw them all over the floor and you’re guests will feel like they’re walking on clouds!
o    Dig out your Christmas decorations or find post-holiday sales at stores and use all the angels and stars.
o    Buy or rent a fog machine for a cloudy effect.

This room needs a completely different vibe than your Heaven room. You can either go dark and sinister, or red-hot and cutsie – it all depends on your guest list.
o    Put red balloon bouquets around the room; in corners and on tables.
o    Dim the lighting.
o    Decorate the walls with paper skulls and skeletons.
o    Use plastic pitchforks and scythes as table décor or hang them on the walls.
o    Use red light bulbs or cover lamps or recessed lighting with red cellophane.
o    Make spooky signs and gravestones from cardboard or foam.
o    Cut red and yellow cellophane rolls into flames and hang them as a border where the wall and ceiling meet, around light fixtures, tables and windows.
o    Drape red tulle and red Christmas lights on the food table.

Set food out on two tables, offering a choice between Heavenly food and Hellish delights.

In Heaven sweet and light foods reign!
merigues cookiesAngel food coconut cake
o    Load the table with white treats such as marshmallows, yogurt-covered nuts, white m&m’s, Macadamia nuts and white chocolate covered pretzels.
o    Set out a platter of cauliflower and jicama with Ranch Dressing.
o    Arrange a variety of white cheeses and crackers on a platter.
o    Meringue cookies look like little white clouds! Pick some up from the store or try this delicious recipe.
o    Cucumber Tea finger sandwiches made with white bread.
o    Serving dinner? How about Angel Hair Chicken Alfredo Pasta with garlic bread halos (Make the Pillsbury breadsticks round like Halos).
o    And of course an Angel Food Cake with Whip Cream and coconut topping!

For Hell, spicy and heavy foods are a must!
Fire DipDevils Food Cake
o    Spicy buffalo wings! Try this homemade recipe, or find them in the freezer section of your supermarket.
o    All sorts of red-hued candies: Twizzlers, Red Hots, Hot Tamales, Atomic Fire Balls, Sweedish Fish, Fruit Punch Frooties and black licorice.
o    Strawberries, raspberries, cherries, watermelon.
o    Dried cranberries.
o    Chips (red tortilla/corn chips or Doritos) and salsa.
o    Fresh red pepper slices.
o    Deviled Eggs
o    Cauldron Dip
o    Witches brew (has dry ice in plastic cauldron)
o    Great Balls Of Fire Meatballs Recipe
o    And of course a Devils Food Cake!

o    Good or Bad?
This game is easily played by varying games such as Spin the Bottle and Truth or Dare.

Simply decorate a bottle by painting one end of it in white and the other end red. You can also add feathers and glitter to the Heavenly side and thorns or flames on the Hell side.

Have the guests sit in a circle. Spin the bottle in the centre of the group and wait for it to stop.

Whomever the Heaven end points to must tell something they’ve done which is good. The person opposite, at the Hell end of the bottle, must admit to something bad.

This game is even more fun if you have a halo and a set of horns that guests have to wear during their confessions.

o    Hire a Fortune Teller or Palm Reader.
Find one in your area.

o    Two Truths And One Lie Game
Test your lie-detecting abilities with this challenge.
1. Taking turns, the first person tells the group three statements about him or herself. Two are true and one is a lie. Everyone tries to guess which one is the lie. For example, you could say, “I won a prize in spelling in second grade. My favorite food is sushi. I got lost at the zoo when I was little.” To be extra tricky, word the lie so it contains a truthful element.
2. Everybody then holds up one, two or three fingers to show which statement they think is the lie. The player sets the record straight, then the next person goes.

o    No Way Out Chase Game
Catch all the fun in this fast-moving, thrill-filled game of chase.
1. To begin, all players but two–one “it” and one runner–join hands in a circle.
2. They drop hands, and “it” chases the runner as they both weave in and out among the players in the circle.
3. Each time the runner passes between two players, those players immediately lock hands and yell “No way out!” This foils a slower-moving “it,” who cannot pass under, over, or through the locked hands.
4. If “it” tags the runner, the two must exchange roles and continue play until one or the other is captured inside the ring.


horns and halo

Take the stress out of costume dilemmas by having guests arrive in their normal attire, and then let them choose between horns or halos available to them at the door. You don’t have to stop at horns and halos though; cheap bead necklaces in red or silver, Hellish temporary tattoos, face glitter, white feather boas or mini pitchforks! (All available at PartyLand!)

Set the mood by playing different styles of music throughout the house according to the Heaven or Hell theme in the room or just make a mix and play it throughout the entire party. TIP: Burn extra copies, a homemade CD is an inexpensive and memorable favor to give to your guests!


madonna_angelAngel – by Madonna
Centerfold – by J.Giles Band
Heaven – by Bryan Adams
Heaven (Dance Mix) – by Dj Sammy
Heaven – by Los Lonely Boys
Fallen Angel – by Poison
Heaven Is A Place On Earth – by Belinda Carlisle
Earth Angel – by The Penguins
Angel – by Aerosmith
How Do You Talk to An Angel – by The Heights
Lips of an Angel – by Hinder
I’ll Never Let You Go (Angel Eyes) – by Steelheart

elvis-presley-youre-the-devil-i-321474Devil With a Blue Dress On – by Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Lyrics
Friend of the Devil – by Grateful Dead
Devil Inside – by INXS
Devil Went Down to Georgia – by Charlie Daniels
Hot Hot Hot – by Buster Poindexter
Devil Woman – by Cliff Richard
Devil In Disguise – by Elvis Presley
Fire & Ice – by Pat Benatar

You’ll have a blast planning this party and your guests will be on cloud nine once they see your attention to detail!

Do you have any ideas to add? Please leave a comment below!

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Michael Heaton April 15, 2009 at 2:02 am

There are some fantastic ideas on here, i may be holding a heaven/hell themed party soon and this will really help. I’m only sorry that i cannot order goods from you as i am in england. Thanks very much though.

Lavern Owie October 23, 2010 at 3:46 am

this is perfect! heaven and hell theme. seems so balance. thanks for sharing. nothing to add more.

Destiny April 6, 2011 at 11:14 am

My church youth group is doing a heaven themed banquet for our congregation. This site has really helped us with ideas for that night. (:

Kat June 9, 2011 at 3:45 pm

Thanks for the idea we are having a Angels & Devils Party in Costa Rica and will take many of your ideas thanks for sharing with us.

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