June 2009 “A Camping We Will Go” Cub Scout Ideas

by Stefanie on June 2, 2009

Scout CampThe Cub Scouts are going camping! In the backyard, in a tent or  under the stars. Camp at a nearby Scout camp, state park, or even spend the night in the local museum. Camping doesn’t always have to be overnight; day camp is fun too! Get everyone outdoors and discover what the ‘outing’ in Scouting is all about!

Décor Ideas for “A Camping We Will Go”:

  • Make a nature scene by decorating with all your potted plants and flowers!
  • Set-up tents in the backyard or living room. Have older kids set-up the tents themselves for a learning activity.
  • Make a large wooden sign at the entrance to the “Camp Site” and have other signs pointing the way to the toilets and showers, picnic area and wildlife trail.
  • Place tiki torches around the edges of the camp.
  • Use glow in the dark bugs and stars.
  • Use plastic tableware or tin plates and cups. Provide bug stickers for each Scout to personalize his own plate and mug so they don’t get mixed-up.
  • If you are ‘Camping’ inside, disperse natural objects around the room, such as rocks, sticks, leaves (real or silk), plants, pine cones, etc.

Camp Food Faves

  • Nuts, dried fruit and trail mix are the epitome of camp cuisine!
  • Bug Juice: Lemonade colored green with a plastic bug floating on the top.
  • Roasted Marshmallows: Place a marshmallow on the end of a wooden skewer (soak for one hour in water beforehand as it stops them burning) and hold a few inches about the campfire flame until the marshmallow starts to melt. Remove from the flame and allow cooling.s'mores
  • Campsite Cake: Use 1 cake mix to make a square or rectangular cake. Cover with green frosting to resemble grass and decorate with a small plastic camping set and trees or plastic bugs.
  • S’mores: Don’t go camping without them! Melted chocolate and marshmallows between gram crackers.

Indoor & Outdoor Camping Activities
Pack it Up:
Whether you go camping or just pretend to, ask your scouts to pack their backpack with everything they think they’ll need for an overnighter – and a few random things for fun.
Before the meeting, make a list of items you think they will bring – and some items you don’t think anyone would bring. (Compass, Toilet Paper, Chapstick, Licorice, Sunglasses, Flip Flops, Floss, Hand Sanitizer, Note from Parent, 2 Dimes, etc.)
Have everyone sit with their backpacks at an equal distance away from you. (More fun outdoors where the distance can be longer.) Then yell out an item from the list. Whoever has the item and brings it to you first wins that round. Keep going and adding up points for the win!

Nighttime Star Gazing:
Get away from the city lights where it’s easier to see planets and constellations.
Decorate your own Walking Hiking Stick
Personalized Walking Sticks:
Buy some cheap wooden dowels from a hardware store and provide the Scouts with paints, glue and stickers to personalize their own walking stick. Once they are dry try them out on a hike!

Campfire Sing-Along:
Warm up your vocal cords, get out the guitar (if you have one) and sing to your hearts content. If you have any portable musical instruments let the Scouts use them or make their own from tin cans and sticks.

Always popular at a campsite, especially when it is dark!

Trash Scavenger Hunt:
A great camping that helps the environment too! Have the Scouts collect various items and whoever gets the most from the list wins.

Camping Favors and Prizes:
Glow in the Dark Bugs

Paper Lanterns
Anything that glows in the dark
Compass Clips
Bug NetsMini Flashlight FavorsBug Net FavorsCompass Clip Favors
Large Beam Flashlight Key Chains Water Canteen
Mini sparklers
Mini Battery-Powered Fans
Bug Stickers and Temperary Tattoos

Extra Things to Work on:
The Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award
Map and Compass Belt Loop and Pin
Astronomy Belt Loop and Pin

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