30 Rock Theme Party Ideas

by Stefanie on January 13, 2010

Dear Stefanie @ PartyLand,
My BFF’s birthday is coming up and I want to kick it old school and throw her a theme party based on her favorite TV show. Only trouble is, party supplies for this TV show don’t exist! Can you help us come up with creative ideas for food, drinks and decorations for the rockinest 30 Rock party ever!?
Thanks a bunch, Peachy

Dear Peachy,

Tina pics everywhere!

Making the party all about your BFF and her interests is a good start to a successful bday party. Luckily I’m also a 30 Rock fan and can help you plan the best party since Prince Gerhardt Messerschmit Ramenstein Von Hap’s 25th!

Take a page from Kenneth’s party book and pass out paper pink cupcake cards to all the guests. Or find a cupcake evite. Tell your friends to “Get in touch with your inner Liz Lemon and come wolf down a teamster sub with the most vaguely ethnic swan in the city!”

Sylvia's Cornbread. So good you'll want to take it behind...Food is what Liz Lemon loves most, so make it count!
Hot Dogs served in a cardboard box. “I’m buying ALL the hot dogs!”
Dunkin Donuts and skim milk. “I’ll have a dozen donuts to stay and a skim milk.”
Sabor De Soledad (make your own by printing the logo and taping it onto generic cheese puffs!)
Diet Sabor De Soledad (carrots)
Sylvia’s cornbread!
Teamster Subs
Mozzarella Sticks “I already have a drink, do you think he’d buy me mozzarella sticks?”
Grapes “What else, what else is on my mindgrapes?”
Cornbread so good you’ll want to take it behind the middle school and get it pregnant.
A giant shrimp made out of shrimp diving into a bowl of shrimp.
Lemon Head candy
Oxygen hors d’œuvres “I ate way too much oxygen.”
General Rule: Anything bad for you would be Liz approved.

Mmm Sabor de Solodad & Lemonade!Anything Lemon flavored in honor of the leading lady: Lemonade, Lemon Drop Martinis, Lemon Sparkling Water, etc.
Rootbeer Floats “You look happy! Did someone just have a rootbeer float?”
Pinot Grigio (Liz’s wine of choice)

Setting the Mood:
Recreate a memorable set or take pieces from many sets and combine them. Put a


on the wall like the one Kenneth had to clean in Brian Williams’ dressing room.
Look thru magazines and cut out 30 Rock ads, any pictures or articles about the actors, even guest stars and hang them all over the party room. Don’t forget to stick a big portrait of Jack Donaghy on the front of your microwave!
Make quote posters for your favorite characters. Check mine out HERE.
Put papers around the room and write along the top, “What’s your favorite 30 Rock quote?”

Put the chicken near your mouth!

Have a rubber chicken floating around the party for guests to pose with. “Put the chicken closer to your mouth.” And of course, “Birth a chicken on the toilet.”

You may want to microwave a bowl of maple syrup for that suspicious maple syrup smell in your apartment building. Put up a sign that says, “Ignore the maple syrup smell. Our neighbors are not terrorists. They just like waffles!”

What should you do? WHAT SHOULD YOU DO-OOOO?
Besides the obvious of having 30 Rock playing at the party, you could also have some show-inspired activities:
Play poker
Have a “Page Off” with NBC trivia
A Teamster Sub Wolfing Contest
Play a round of Gold Case
30 Rock trivia would be fun, and probably an easy win for the birthday girl
A “Who Said That?” Quote Game
Karaoke is a favorite activity of Jenna’s and Liz’s (when she’s drunk). “When I’m here, you should be here. Not up here, here is embarrassing.”

What to Wear:
First of all, wear a bra. Now, there are so many options you’ll have to decide whether to have guests come dressed as their favorite 30 Rock character, or the most obscure 30 Rock character they can think of, or their favorite character in their favorite 30 Rock moment or have them wear tuxes because the party’s probably after 6 p.m., and you’re not farmers. Just don’t let anyone wear flip flops, ever, it’s gross.

Moonvest and Liz Lemon at Prince Gerheart's Birthday

A Black, Dot Com & Cerie

Jack & Elisa - JalisaLiz Lemler & Jerry Seinfeld

Have fun brushing up on your 30 Rock references and preparing yourself for a Whirl of Wind Birthday Extravaganza! And make sure the birthday girl thanks everyone… “Thank you! Thank you all dear friends. FOR COMING TO MY BIRTHDAY!”

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