What to Celebrate this Week: April Fool’s Day!

by Stefanie on March 28, 2010

April Fools Day PranksWHEN: April 1st
The history  isn’t totally clear, but the most popular theory comes from 16th-century France when the start of the new year used to be on April 1st. In 1562, Pope Gregory introduced a new calendar, making the new year begin on January 1st.
Some people (fools) didn’t know about the change, and others refused to change (foolish) and continued to celebrate on April 1st. Those who supported the new calendar played tricks on those who didn’t and called them “April Fools.”
This pestering evolved over time into a tradition of pranks on the first day of April!

Party On!
On April Fools’ Day you’re supposed to act completely silly, so there’s no better time to party! If you’re brave enough to host a party loaded with people waiting to pull a wild stunt then go for it! PartyLand makes it easy! Throw a “Fools Rush In Party” before April Fools’ Day. Print invitations sdrawkcab, upside down or in a mirror image. Give invitees a taste of what’s to come by placing invitations inside a “Snake in a Can!”

Devious Decor:
Go crazy with décor, place things and pictures upside down or sideways. Put up “Fresh Paint” gag signs and use decorations from all the different holidays! PartyLand has a big sale after every holiday so stock up then.

Parade of Fools:
Encourage your guests to dress as foolish as they can. Backwards, inside out or just plain wacky!

meatloaf cake mashed potatoes frostingFoolish Food:
Serve silly cuisine like Beef Jerky, Ding Dongs and Laffy Taffy! Use giant clown shoes or funny hats for snack trays. Having a dinner party? Serve dessert first, main course, salad and then the appetizer.

Try baking a meatloaf cake, frost with colored mashed potatoes and top with candles for a dinner cake! Keep your guests on their toes; mix up the condiments on the table – salt in the sugar bowl and catsup in the mustard jar. Put a fake roach on one of the dishes. Freeze plastic bugs in the ice cubes.

Fun 4 Fools:
Invite fun friends and their jokes and pranks should keep everyone entertained throughout the party. You could also put on a Parade of Fools Fashion Show and give awards to the Most Foolishly Dressed and Most Foolish Dancer. Hire a magician or have a friend demonstrate or teach card/magic tricks.

whoopie cushion

Favors 4 Fools:
Hand out jokes, gags, tricks or useless white-elephant type gifts. How about Post-its for making “Kick Me” signs!? Your guests will be amused and ready to get you back next year! PartyLand has tons of pranks year round! Go crazy with Fake Bullet Holes, Fake Parking Tickets, Whoopie Cushions, Fart Machines, Shocking Pens & Staplers, Itching Powder, 2-Headed Nickels, Spilled Nail Polish, Hot Gum, Blue Mouth Candy, Belching Powder and tons more!

Fun 4 The FAM:
Make a silly school lunch, with an inside-out sandwich, an  apple with a gummy worm or a lunch box full of plastic snakes and spiders!

PARTYLAND PROVERB: Beware those offering gum or candy on April Fool’s Day!

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