What to Celebrate this Week: Taffy Day!

by Stefanie on May 23, 2010

When: Sunday, May 23rd
What: What do Starburst,
Airheads and Laffy Taffy all have in common?

These candies are all forms of taffy and can be found at PartyLand. Celebrate this chewy candy that’s so much more than just the old fashioned Salt Water kind.

All About Taffy:
Taffy is made by stretching or pulling a sticky mass of boiled sugar, butter or vegetable oil, flavorings, and coloring until fluffy. When this process is complete, the taffy is rolled, cut into small pieces and wrapped in paper to keep it soft.

According to Atlantic City’s website Salt Water Taffy and Atlantic City are synonymous. Salt Water Taffy took Atlantic City by storm, literally. Stories abound about its origin, and historians have finally come to agree on this story:

The year was 1880. David Bradley, a young candy merchant, had a stand on the Boardwalk. One night the little stand, which was only a couple steps from the sand, was swamped by an evening storm. The next morning, Bradley came to work to find his candy soaked and, as one can imagine, was slightly perturbed. Later that day, when a child came and asked for some taffy, he replied sarcastically, “You mean Salt Water Taffy, don’t you?” Bradley’s mother apparently overheard the remark and happily suggested that it would be a great new name for his taffy. Bradley asked, “Who would want to eat candy soaked with ocean water?” His mother replied, “Don’t make it with ocean water, just use salt water and call it that.” And just like taffy to teeth, it stuck.

Enjoy some taffy today!

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anita March 11, 2012 at 3:25 pm

This taste good i love taffy <3

Lotta Johnsson May 14, 2012 at 3:48 pm


Vet ej om jag smakat taffy… Är det inte som kola? tex. fruktkolor?


p.s vart köper man det lättast? Jag bor i Sverige !

*LyndiLou* May 26, 2012 at 5:38 pm

Lotta~ Taffy and caramel are similar, but they are not the same thing. Taffy can be made in many different flavors, but caramel is a flavor all it’s own. I believe it’s quite an American treat, so perhaps you could find a candy shop online that is willing to ship it to you. Taffy is very tasty… I hope you are able to try it someday! 🙂

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