What’s In Store: Plenty of Pranks

by *LyndiLou* on April 1, 2010

When it comes to pulling off the perfect prank – instead of falling victim to one, PartyLand has you covered! April Fool’s Day is here, and What’s In Store now is… PRANKS!

Whether you’re a subtle trickster who can wait for hours for someone to discover what you’ve done…

or you prefer the In-Your-Face approach…

PartyLand has a Prank section to satisfy all.

To stay ahead of the very best pranksters a stop into your local PartyLand should be at the top of your list of things to do.

PartyLand can even help out if your more silly than mischievous. Learn a magic trick and put on a show for the family! You could even just take turns telling funny stories or jokes! April Fool’s Day is about having fun, so magic might be just the right speed for your really little ones.

If you want to put the “fool” in April Fool’s Day, dress up extra crazy for work or school! PartyLand has a clown section that would do the trick! If all you do is add an over-sized tie to your suit or come in wearing a red clown nose, people will know you’re ready to celebrate!

However you plan to celebrate April Fool’s Day, PartyLand will help you have fun! Just remember that if you pay in cash, all change will be given in Chocolate gold coins…


See you in the store!

***Items shown in this and other blog posts are subject to availability. If your local PartyLand is sold out of something, ask an employee to help you check another PartyLand location for that item. Shop early for the best selection.***

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April April 1, 2010 at 11:59 am

These are all such fun ideas! Thanks for keeping us posted on what you guys carry…oh, and I’m SUPER excited about getting my change in chocolate…so much better than change kicking around! 😉

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