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by *LyndiLou* on May 4, 2010

Whether you’ve been waiting all year for Cinco de Mayo, you’re getting over Cabin Fever and you just want to have some friends and family over, or you’ve been trying to decide for the theme for the next birthday at your place… PartyLand can help. What’s In Store right now is everything you need to throw one “muy buena” FIESTA!!!

The first thing I think of when I hear the word “fiesta” is delicious food! Whether you’re eating a home-made dish or just ordering take-out, PartyLand has decorated plates, napkins and cups to compliment your tasty Mexican food.

Next on the list are some great decorations. PartyLand has an entire section full of fiesta items that are available all year round. It’s so much fun to throw a fiesta, so PartyLand makes sure you have everything you need whenever you’re partying.

After you’ve decorated your home it’s time to decorate… YOU! PartyLand has sombreros in multiple styles, necklaces, serapes, and even fun buttons to show off your Cinco de Mayo style. And what would a fiesta be without music and dancing? To set the tone and add to the fun pass out the maracas and shake things up!

Now all you need is a pinata and muchos dulces… I mean… a LOT of candy and you’re ready to throw the best Cinco de Mayo fiesta around!

See you in the store!!!

***Items shown in this and other blog posts are subject to availability. If your local PartyLand is sold out of something, ask an employee to help you check another PartyLand location for that item. Shop early for the best selection.***

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