A Sweet Treat for Father’s Day

by *LyndiLou* on June 18, 2011

Are you still deciding on something to give Dad for Father’s Day? Be sure to stop by PartyLand for some unique and fun gifts. If you’re shopping for someone with a sweet tooth, we definitely have something for you: you should make Dad a Candy-Gram card or poster!

Just some of the delicious goodies from PartyLand.

PartyLand has a great selection of candy, sold individually and in bulk as well. You’re sure to find something tasty for everyone. To make a Candy-Gram, you’ll be writing a message where some of the words are replaced by candy bars and other treats. You can gather up your Dad’s favorite candy to get started, or choose items with names that would help you get just the right message across. Some classic candy bar phrases include “You’re worth 100 GRAND“, “Hope this makes you SNICKER“, “I’d like to use the mo-MINT to tell you why I think you’re a SWEET-TART!” and lots more.

Celebrate Father's Day with a Candy-Gram!

Remember to keep your message silly and fun, to put all those different sweets to work. If one of the names doesn’t quite fit into your message, you can always cover parts up with tape or add letters stickers to spell something new.

Cover up unwanted letters with tape.

Add sticker letters to help get your message across.

You can make a long message on a posterboard with candy taped all over it, or keep it simple with a card or mini-poster by using a piece of cardstock and just a  couple candy bars.

The perfect note for your teenager to give to Dad!

An inexpesive way for kids to make something for Dad.

While this is a perfect idea for Father’s Day, it can easily be adapted for a birthday, graduation or other celebration. It would even be a cute way to ask someone to a school date dance. You can also make your poster into a crossword puzzle or word search with candy in the clues or to fill in as answers. You could also create a coded message using letters from your treats to fill in a secret Father’s Day message. Whatever you do, enjoy yourself; everyone should be smiling when it comes to making a Candy-Gram!

One long, sweet Candy-Gram... perfect for Dads!

Be sure to take a picture of YOUR Candy-Gram and share it with us on our Facebook page. We’ve love to see what you all come up with!

Have fun making a Candy-Gram. It’s sure to be your sweetest gift yet. Happy Father’s Day from PartyLand Utah!

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that is pritty cool that u know how to do that

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