Secret Savings 5/16-19/12 {P.R.E. Needs You!}

by *LyndiLou* on May 18, 2012

If you’re like most people, chances are very good that you have an PEZ Dispenser lying around your house… empty and starving. No need to fear, you can come to the aid of those movie stars, cartoon characters, and holiday legends. You can put an end to PEZ starvation all over the world (or at least in your little corner of it) with this week’s Secret Savings!

As part of the urgent relief effort to all PEZ dispensers everywhere, we’re making this deal available to everyone… NO COUPON NEEDED!

So stop by a PartyLand near you, and become a part of theĀ Pez Relief Effort today! The P.R.E. needs YOU!

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