Bunny Ear Cupcakes

by *LyndiLou* on March 29, 2013

We’ve got a fun recipe for Easter and you’re sure to think it’s just as easy as it is cute!

{PartyLand Utah Blog} Bunny Ear Cupcakes

First, make a batch of cupcakes with icing. Any size, flavor, and color will work.

{PartyLand Utah Blog} Bunny Ear Cupcakes

Next, grab a bag or two of your favorite Frooties. For the best assortment of flavors, get a mixed bag from PartyLand so you’ll have some of each flavor.

{PartyLand Utah Blog} Bunny Ear Cupcakes

Here comes the fun part: Unwrap those Frooties and start squishing them! Ok, I know “squish” isn’t exactly a typical culinary term, but if you’ve had more than one flavor of Frooties at a time, chances are you (or your kids) have already squished them together just right, and didn’t even know it! I know my daughter and I have gotten pretty good at squishing and twisting certain flavors together. If you haven’t tried it before, you should… and then thank me later. 😉

{PartyLand Utah Blog} Bunny Ear Cupcakes

Now then, back to the recipe. If you want your cupcakes to look like the ones above… start squishing! I did one Frootie at a time and got it warm enough to form into long ovals. I used one Frootie for each outer ear and then split a different flavor into 4 pieces: two ear middles, a small nose and a left over for eating. Squishing Frooties can make you work up an appetite. If anyone catches you, just tell them you’re just tasting them for quality control. It’s a chef thing.

{PartyLand Utah Blog} Bunny Ear Cupcakes

I made all the outer ears at one time and then laid them on wax paper to wait for the inner pieces. I made the nose by taking a little piece and pressing it between my fingers and thumbs until it looked like a triangle.

PL Bunny Ear Cupcakes (3)

Once I had a whole herd of bunny ears (what DO you call a large group of rabbits? A flock? A gaggle? A tribe? I’ll google it.) I started sticking them into the iced cupcakes.

{PartyLand Utah Blog} Bunny Ear Cupcakes

Sweet and simple. Quick and easy. Just like I said they would be. I hope you’ll make them with your family or class, then take lots of pictures and show them all to our Facebook page. You could also post pictures to your own blog and leave us a link in the comments.

Have a very HOPPY Easter!

{PartyLand Utah Blog} Bunny Ear Cupcakes

PS… You can use Laffy Taffy for Bunny Ears too. I took one and cut it in half for the outer ear piece in the picture above. There are some Laffy Taffy candies in colors that Frooties don’t come in so have fun mixing and matching. Oh and it is a HERD of rabbits. How about that? 🙂

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Aubrie May 2, 2013 at 4:08 pm

These are so cute and easy to make!

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