Finding Dr. Seuss Fun

by *LyndiLou* on March 1, 2013

With all the fun party supplies and crafts out there for Dr. Seuss Day, you’re bound to come across some great decorations and treat ideas as well. Things are no different at PartyLand. We’ve been brain-storming, reading, creating, pinning and even baking to help you have the best Dr. Seuss celebration around! Hope you enjoy what we’ve made and what we’ve found!

So, remember all the colorful candy we carry here at PartyLand?

PL Candy Colors  Border

You can make cookies and use Sixlets to decorate them!

PL Dr Seuss Cookie Collage

{PartyLand Utah Blog} Dr Seuss Cookies

 You can cut-out cookies shaped like top hats and rectangles and…

{PartyLand Utah Blog} Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat Cookies

PL Dr Seuss Book Cover Cookies

At PartyLand, we also have a variety of vases.

PL Vases  Border

 Grab a vase and…

PL Dr Seuss Centerpiece

PL Dr Seuss Centerpiece 2

PL Dr Seuss Centerpiece 3

Once you’ve got everything filled up, you’ll have the perfect…

PL Dr Seuss Centerpiece 4

While wandering around Pinterest and the blog-o-sphere, I came across all sorts of fun Seuss inspired snacks. I thought these Cat In The Hat Gelatin snacks were especially cute! I found them over on Bless This Mess Please.

Bless This Mess Please Cat in the Hat Snack

If you want to make these fun desserts, you can get the perfect cups for them here at PartyLand!

{PartyLand Utah Blog} Plastic Tumblers Collage

What are you doing for Mr. Geisel’s birthday? Please share your ideas or links in the comments below. I’d love to see what everyone else is making and finding for Dr. Seuss Day! Be sure to check out our Dr. Seuss Pinterest board and if you leave a link, I’ll follow yours too!

Happy Birthday Dr Seuss Collage

Have a great time celebrating in honor of Dr. Seuss!

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