Mother’s Pearls Tutorial

by *LyndiLou* on May 11, 2013

Almost every Mom feels like her greatest works of art or her best creations are her children and that her most important job is being a Mother.

Mother's Pearls Tutorial {PartyLand Utah Blog}

Honor your Mother by recognizing her hard work by giving her a Mother’s Pearl Favor. We put a single Sixlet in a glass vial and it looked just like a beautiful, white pearl. You could print off the quote above, find another, or just write her a note about how much you love and appreciate all the work she put into making YOU a pearl.

Mother's Pearls Tutorial {PartyLand Utah Blog}

While you can’t buy real pearls at PartyLand, if you make this simple and beautiful favor for Mom, she’ll love it just the same. This would be easy to let your small children help you with and would be a great way to lead up to a larger, real pearl gift if you were already planning for that.

PartyLand loves Moms! Happy Mother’s Day.

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