Treat Tacos

by *LyndiLou* on May 7, 2013

It doesn’t need to be a holiday for you to want to try out our latest creation. I got the idea after seeing a delicious looking recipe for Fruit Tacos. They were made a lot like Fruit Pizza, but in a taco shape. Seeing that fun idea made me think “How could we PartyLand-ify that recipe?” (PartyLand-ify is a real word. It’s a verb. I just used it in a sentence, so if must be real, right? 😉 )

It didn’t take much looking around the store before inspiration hit. I will now share with you how to make PartyLand-ified Tacos. I like to call them: Treat Tacos!

Treat Tacos {PartyLand Utah Blog}

The first thing I saw was Candy Wafers. These are great for melting down or using in a variety of different ways. They go a long way too. Candy Wafers were perfect for my Treat Tacos.

Treat Tacos {PartyLand Utah Blog}

In this recipe, there’s no melting needed. I took the Candy Wafers  in each shade of green and chopped them up for my lettuce. Then I did the same thing with the yellow for my cheese. You could add orange or white, depending on what type of cheese you usually have on your typical tacos.

Treat Tacos {PartyLand Utah Blog}

You can do the chopping while you wait for your cookies to bake. I used refrigerated sugar cookie dough, but you can use whatever your favorite kind is. Take them out a minute or two early and shape them into tacos. You can do this by quickly setting the warm cookies over a rounded cup, bowl or just turn a deep pan over and let the cookies cool with half hanging over the side. What you use just depends on how open you want your tacos to be. I used bamboo skewers and laid them across a deep pan. I took the warm cookies and gently set them on top of the skewers.

Be careful not to take them out too early or your cookies with break apart. If you want too long, the cookies will be hard, crunchy and stiff. You’ve got to work quick and get them right when they are baked enough to be strong, but still have some give to them.

Treat Tacos {PartyLand Utah Blog}

Now you’re at the fun part… filling up your tacos! You’ll want to use icing or ice cream for the meat or bean part of your taco so that everything else you fill it with will stay put. Well, as well as anything in a taco stays put. 😉

Treat Tacos {PartyLand Utah Blog}

With so many treats to choose from at PartyLand, you really could have a whole Treat Taco bar and let everyone top theirs differently. I used chocolate icing for meat, Candy Melts for lettuce and cheese, Sixlets for tomatoes and onions and vanilla icing as sour cream. You could find other treats that would still look like taco toppings (like green Frooties or Laffy Taffy for green onions and black licorice for olives) or throw caution to the wind and just fill your Treat Tacos up with all your favorite goodies, no matter what they look like.

Treat Tacos {PartyLand Utah Blog}With all the choices for shells (any kind of cookies could work) and the millions of options for toppings, you might just find yourself having tacos for dinner AND dessert very soon! I think next time I make these, we’ll be having fish tacos… Swedish Fish Tacos, that is.

What Treat Taco toppings are you going to try? Be sure to share in the comments and enjoy having your own Treat Taco Night!

Treat Tacos {PartyLand Utah Blog}

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Aubrie June 4, 2013 at 3:52 pm

Such a great idea!

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