Make “I DIG You” Valentines

by *LyndiLou* on February 11, 2014

Make "I Dig You" Valentines {PartyLand Utah Blog}You’ve probably seen those cute “I DIG You” Valentines, but you’ve probably asked yourself “Where on earth would I get a cute little shovel like that?” We’ve got the answer for you: From PartyLand Utah! Each of our Utah County stores have these darling shovels ready for you to come SCOOP them up and make and make gifts with. We’ve also got plenty of cellophane wrap, bags, ribbon and all sorts of candy.

If you want those darling tags, just head over to this awesome Etsy shop where you can purchase a downloadable file. So quick and easy!

Be ready for Valentine’s Day with one quick trip to PartyLand! See you in the store!

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