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Rentals: Punch Bowl 3-Tier

Three Tier Punch Bowl

Punch Bowl – Three Tier: A taller fountain for an even more elegant look!
Serve your favorite punch or mixed drink in style! PartyLand’s Punch Fountains have a capacity of 5 gallons and require a minimum of 5 quarts for the fountain to operate efficiently. Drinks must be clear and without pulp, seeds, fruit, etc. Ice cream or foamy punches should not be used as a visually unpleasing foam build-up occurs. Carbonated beverages will quickly lose their carbonation as the liquid circulates and soon taste flat. We advise adding small quantities of cold carbonated beverage to the fountain from time to time to help maintain carbonation. Fountains are not recommended for hot drinks; the liquid will cool quickly due to circulation.
Arrange fruit, flowers or leaves to decorative the top of your Punch Fountain. Choose from several 2 Tier, 5-gallon styles with gold or silver accents.

Rental Price: $ 70.00
Specs: 20"Dx20"Wx24"H, 20 lbs;
--electricity required

IMPORTANT NOTE: Must use low pulp products to avoid clogging fountain pump.

HELPFUL TIPS: Normally, count on two 4-oz. cups of punch per guest. Five quarts will serve about 20 people.

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